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Surfing is an iconic sport in Australia and the world. However the sport is also relatively new and the design and testing of surf equipment has relied on the individual experience and gut feel of shapers and surfers. without structured programs of design and validation. The Surf Flex Lab is applying rigorous scientific methods to design and test watersports equipment enabling both high performance equipment and the efficient design of mass market products.


Marc in het Panhuis is a Professor of Materials Science at the University of Wollongong (Australia). He trained as Chemical Engineer (University of Twente & Shell Research, the Netherlands) and a Physicist (PhD, University of Dublin, Trinity College, Ireland). His experience includes working for a start-up (Media Lab Europe) and universities in the USA, UK and Ireland.



SafeGauge has an innovative focus on developing new technologies designed to remove technicians from the ‘line of fire’ when live testing mobile plant machinery in heavy industries, such mining, defence, construction, agriculture and oil & gas.


SafeGauge founder and Managing Director, Luke Dawson, routinely worked on heavy-machinery during his time as a heavy plant mechanic on multiple Australian mine-sites.  Concerned by the level of risk exposure, he began working on developing a range of wireless testing solutions to help eliminate live work on site. 

Luke has been the driving force behind what SafeGauge is today – earning recognition from multiple industry bodies, including winning the 2022 NSW Mining Small Business of the Year, the 2022 Good Design Awards, the 2022 HMA Award for Excellence in Product Design, and the APAC Insider Award for Safety Tech Innovation of the Year 2022. 


Wind turbines are an increasingly important element in the global energy system, and these large pieces of equipment require continuous care and maintenance to ensure they are both safe and efficient. Ping Services was founded in 2018 with the goal of supporting wind energy generation by developing innovative solutions and enabling permanent and accurate monitoring of rotor blade health and operation.

In 2022 Ping merged with European player Ecologix and tother they are continuing their journey towards enabling safer and more efficient wind energy for a decarbonised grid.


Matthew Stead was Ping Services founder and CEO in 2018 and lead the company through its seed investment and international growth, working closely with co-founder and accomplished acoustics researcher Jon Cooper.

Since merging the combined company is being lead by Ecologix founder Thomas Schlegl, with Matthew and Jon remaining in executive roles.



Seitec was founded based on a unique seismic sensing technology developed in collaboration with the Australian AirForce's Jerico program. The technology is now being applied to identify and safely defuse unexploded ordinance on military ranges as the UXO Tracks.


Seitec was founded by former Royal Australian Air Force Avionics Technician Daniel Stevens, who supported sustainment on F-111 and F/A-18F aircraft as an Electronics Engineer. Daniel was supported to pursue his R+D efforts as a uniformed officer, before Seitec was spun out as an independent company in 2021.


We are always keen to hear from research leaders looking to drive their research beyond the lab. Simply complete an expression of interest we will be in touch.

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