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Eon Labs is a social enterprise established to forge new pathways for research commercialisation in Australia. Eon is championing a new funding system and research culture that empowers ambitious innovators to take their research beyond the lab.

With help from our partners, philanthropists and, of course, the inspiring researchers themselves, we are redefining the Australian research ecosystem and ensuring the benefits of scientific progress are shared with the community.


Eon Labs supports projects and research leaders we believe have the potential to create life-changing technologies. We encourage our researchers to cross traditional academic boundaries and pursue connections with industry and fellow researchers across disciplines to ensure their discoveries have the best chance of reaching the community. 

Follow the link to see our current crop of outstanding leaders, and have your say on the research areas we should prioritise. 


We may be taking on a major challenge, but we're not alone. 

Eon Labs is proud to be part of a diverse and growing innovation ecosystem in Australia, filled with brilliant scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, technology transfer professionals and an engaged government.


We are doing our part to catalogue and celebrate the many wonderful stories of Australian innovation through the Labnotes podcast. Follow the link below to hear more than 50 inspiring stories of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Image by Greg Rakozy


Our story is just beginning and we'd love to have you on board.


Follow the Eon Labs social media pages and join our mailing list to keep up to speed with our latest progress, and share your favourites to help us shine a spotlight on the best of Australian innovation.


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